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Who we?

Terra Incognita Recordings is an online record label, founded by two South London-based musicians, SixtySixNorth and Mikuś. The mission: to spread good music and explore new audio territories. We’ve got some great releases lined up, but always welcome contributions. We’re not going to predefine the sound of the label, but plan to just let it evolve over time – it’s all about music that has a value in itself, not for what it might be compared to.

All releases are currently available for free to download, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England licence.  Some rights reserved. This means that although the music is free to download, the artist controls the rights to it, so that others may not use it for financial gain without the artist’s permission.


“My folks were big jazz and classical lovers, so that was always being played around the house. But I also had two older brothers, so I was listening to punk and stuff like Neil Young from an early age”.

Always wanting to make music, Mark picked up the guitar and never put it down. “At first I was playing Hendrix and stuff, but then I started hearing John Martyn and Nick Drake and JJ Cale, and I didn’t really look back after that”.

Having developed a distinctive style and a deep love of the acoustic sound, the early days of drum and bass opened his eyes to sampling and production techniques as a way to capture the sounds in his head. After moving to Scotland to become a fisherman, Mark found the time to develop his style and take on the influence of his surroundings.

“I was working on the sea all day, and surrounded by mountains and wilderness, and it became part of what I was doing. I’d come home in the evening and work in the studio till one or two at night. Then I’d go out fishing at seven in the morning and develop the ideas all day in my head”.

Moving back to London for a career change (‘I had this kind of fear of drowning’) has lead to a continued progression in the SixtySixNorth sound:

“I’m coming from 70’s Latin-Funk soundscapes and the spaced out end of folk, colliding with nineties lofi beatage and deep bass. And country Jazz. Listen to music because of the way it makes you feel rather than the record rack you find it in.”

I grew up on Stevie and Aretha, got into hip hop and a bit of rock as a teen, then, after being initially dismissive of electronic music, I got drawn deeeep into the uk jungle techno sound. Through that I learnt about sound system culture and the power of a bassline, and as time went by I found myself listening to more and more music from jamaica – what a treasure trove that is. I love music fullstop though, so draw on influences from across the board – have a check of some dj mixes of mine on my little site over at Mikuś Musik.

My first releases have been courtesy of the mighty Sheffield-based netlabel Planet Terror. They’ve been wonderful in supporting me, and really inspired me and 66N to get our own label up and running. Do check out what they’re up to.

I’ve got some dream project ideas lined up, so stay with me!

ts hard to say what has shaped my musical sound but I know that (without stating the obvious!) meeting certain people over the years and experiencing different things have had a major influence and created the blueprint. I started listening to hip-hop in the early eighties and then acid house and dance music towards the end of the eighties but unfortunately wasn’t quite old enough to attend the now legendary raves. Instead I started to try my hand at DJ’ing with a Walkman and a dodgy old turntable. A week before my 16th birthday in September 1991, Akt, Idea, Charlie, Elka and myself went to Raindance at Jenkins lane and discovered for ourselves the world of underground british dance music at its best. I can safely say that after that night, the world never looked the same and my outlook completely changed for the better

In early 1992 I had been DJ’ing for a few years and had saved up for a pair of 1210’s, inspired by the likes of DJ Hype, Randal and Grooverider at clubs such as Orange at Rocket on Holloway Road. I met DJ Smurf and Eastman by chance, who at the time was running a then pretty unheard of station called Kool FM. He gave me a slot on the station and that put in me in touch with the people producing, DJ’ing and promoting the raves as well as an insight into pirate radio and rave promotion.

After a good few years the DJ’ing made way for music production and video editing. I still believe that DJ’ing served as the best apprenticeship for music production; providing an insight into timing, arrangement and as a gauge as to what people like to hear. The London jungle / breakbeat scene has had a major influence and is still a strong theme in all my tracks today. Way before that I was always being played a very wide spectrum of music by my parents from a young age and that formed the more acoustic, non-electronic side of things.

This is really just skimming the surface of what I think formed the sound but it would be a life story to try and list every influence!



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