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SixtySixNorth – Convergence Vol.1

The first release on Terra Incognita Recordings comes from netlabel co-founder SixtySixNorth, a compilation of tracks pulled from the vault at Deep North studios. Acoustic electronica at heart, the sound and instrumentation draws from a wider palette. Both filmic and lush in equal measures, the EP develops the space folk sound with grooves always to the fore.

SixtySixNorth – Convergence Vol.1 [TERRA01]

1. Complicity (3:09)
2. Dub Monkey (4:15)
3. Under An Open Sky (3:54)
4. Return to the Breach (4:36)
5. Feel Anything (2:05)
6. White Like The Dawn (5:01)
7. Square Cash Pig (4.17)
8. Pages From Red Point (3.46)

Click here to download it

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