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Arlen – Live and Direct

This is special. California soul meets dub meets breakbeat-bizniz meets jazz meets the blues meets a packed chalice! Arlen has hooked up with some wonderful live musicians to bring you five magical tracks that touch on all those great traditions and do each one proud.

Arlen cut his teeth as a jungle dj on London’s legendary Kool FM (under the moniker Fabrok) in the early nineties, before moving on to producing more breakbeat orientated material, as well as lots of cinematic soundtrack pieces for both film and television. He’s currently working on a whole range of different projects, so keep your eyes peeled for those. In the meantime, check this out – big:

Arlen – Live and Direct [TERRA03]

1. Not Just Another Wednesday (4.32)
2. The Dub of Lamb (6.07)
3. Devon Dub (9.39)
4. The Drummer Lets Off (7.27)
5. Kombat Funk (3.24)

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