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Arlen – Live and Direct

This is special. California soul meets dub meets breakbeat-bizniz meets jazz meets the blues meets a packed chalice! Arlen has hooked up with some wonderful live musicians to bring you five magical tracks that touch on all those great traditions and do each one proud.

Arlen cut his teeth as a jungle dj on London’s legendary Kool FM (under the moniker Fabrok) in the early nineties, before moving on to producing more breakbeat orientated material, as well as lots of cinematic soundtrack pieces for both film and television. He’s currently working on a whole range of different projects, so keep your eyes peeled for those. In the meantime, check this out – big:

Arlen – Live and Direct [TERRA03]

1. Not Just Another Wednesday (4.32)
2. The Dub of Lamb (6.07)
3. Devon Dub (9.39)
4. The Drummer Lets Off (7.27)
5. Kombat Funk (3.24)

Click here to download

Mikuś – Brass Islands of Dub

This is the first release on Terra Incognita Recordings from dubwise producer Mikuś. His trademark sound tends to mix grainy vintage distortion with modern production styles, all rounded off with an eastern twist.

Brass Islands of Dub explores slightly different territory, primarily thanks to the trumpet and flugelhorn talents of Kevin Robinson (Jazz Jamaica All-Stars/Jazz Warrior/Incognito), who features prominently on all the tracks. Kevin’s horn parts bring an additional degree of melody in comparison to Mikuś’ other releases, with tracks such as Isla de la Juventud touching on Cuban musical traditions, whilst Highlands pays homage to the golden age of the Jamaican dub era.

Mikuś has already had a string of well-received releases with netlabel Planet Terror – be sure to visit and Mikus’ own site for those.

Released simultaneously with ‘Brass Islands of Dub’ is another EP from Mikuś, ‘Remembrance Dubs’, dedicated to his friends and relatives who recently died. ‘Remembrance Dubs’ is available on a free download from Planet Terror Records by clicking here.

Mikuś – Brass Islands of Dub [TERRA02]

1.  Heavy Load (5:32)
2.  Isla de la Juventud (3:26)
3.  Way Things Used To Be (4:25)
4.  Highlands (4:56)

Click here to download

Released simultaneously with ‘Brass Islands of Dub’ is another EP from Mikuś, ‘Remembrance Dubs’, dedicated to his friends and relatives who have recently died. ‘Remembrance Dubs’ is available from Planet Terror Records here:

SixtySixNorth – Convergence Vol.1

The first release on Terra Incognita Recordings comes from netlabel co-founder SixtySixNorth, a compilation of tracks pulled from the vault at Deep North studios. Acoustic electronica at heart, the sound and instrumentation draws from a wider palette. Both filmic and lush in equal measures, the EP develops the space folk sound with grooves always to the fore.

SixtySixNorth – Convergence Vol.1 [TERRA01]

1. Complicity (3:09)
2. Dub Monkey (4:15)
3. Under An Open Sky (3:54)
4. Return to the Breach (4:36)
5. Feel Anything (2:05)
6. White Like The Dawn (5:01)
7. Square Cash Pig (4.17)
8. Pages From Red Point (3.46)

Click here to download it

SixtySixNorth – True North Mix

The first release on Terra Incognita – dropping any day now – will be SixtySixNorth’s Convergence EP. Setting the mood for the release, 66N has put together this mix of tracks that have influenced its creation. If you’re feeling these you’ll be sure to love his material too.

Quantic – Time Is The Enemy
4Hero – Les Fleur
Abraham – Magpie
SixtySixNorth – Always Something Burning
Hefner – Everyday
Ivy – Worry About You
Emperor’s New Clothes – Leaders And Believers
Fourtet – Twenty Three
Urban Spicies – Blanket
Archive – So Few Words
Chungking – Voodoo
Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner
Red Snapper – Bussing
Blue States – Your Girl

Grab it here

Terra Incognita sets sail…

Cast off lines! Weigh anchor! The good ship Terra Incognita is ready to set sail. The timing is auspicious: clock reads 10.10, the calendar 10.10.10. We set off to join our fellow netaudio buccaneers, pirates and ne’er-do-wells, on a mission to discover new musical territories, and redistribute sonic bounty! Get on board, have a swig of rum, and let’s see what we can see…



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